Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Restoring a Knoxville Home After Storm Damage 

A flooding incident can be damaging to many Knoxville homes simultaneously, and recently, unexpected storm damage threatened this residence. In the Before Photo... READ MORE

Storm Affects in Knoxville

Water damage from a storm in Knoxville or other areas of Tennessee can cause more extensive harm than the first appearance implies. The warping and stained hard... READ MORE

Knoxville Area Home and Storm Water

Crawlspaces are susceptible to groundwater intrusion after storms. This under-house space in Knoxville suffered such an occurrence. The homeowner called SERVPRO... READ MORE

Storm Damage - Knoxville Home

Storm damage occurred when a bad Knoxville storm blew a tree branch through a window of this home when the family was on vacation. A considerable amount of rain... READ MORE

Flood, Mud, Stormy Weather in Knoxville

The river rose, the floodwaters entered this home in Knoxville and severely damaged the hardwood flooring. The detritus and mud deposited by the flood required ... READ MORE

Tree on House in Knoxville

The homeowner had a tree fall on her house and didn't know what to do. She called us and we took care of the tree removal and cleaning up the roof. The customer... READ MORE