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SERVPRO Helps Rocky Hill Homeowner Get Rid of Skunk Odors

SERVPRO team members are also residents of Rocky Hill, and they participate in clean up jobs that are sometimes different than water, fire, and mold cleanup jobs. This video shows a SERVPRO client with a major cleanup need in their Rocky Hill home when they needed to get skunk odors removed from the crawlspace.

Return Client for SERVPRO in Rocky Hill

The homeowner had used SERVPRO in the past for a kitchen cleanup in the same Rocky Hill property. This time, the homeowner needed assistance with odor control and repairs to stop skunks or other wildlife from accessing the crawlspace in the Rocky Hill home. If one skunk can create a huge odor, imagine the scent in the crawlspace and home from multiple skunks. Fortunately, SERVPRO was ready to meet the challenge.

In the video, the homeowner stated that SERVPRO of Rocky Hill spent some time formulating a plan of attack on the crawlspace and home to remove the skunks and the foul odors. The animals had damaged the interior area in the Rocky Hill property, and SERVPRO technicians needed to gut the entire crawl space to tackle the damage and the large, lingering skunk odor. During the controlled demo, the technicians found one more skunk still residing within the crawlspace. Once that critter got removed, the rest of the cleanup process went quickly. 

Other actions needed in the Rocky Hill crawlspace by SERVPRO included setting up encapsulation to negate moisture collection in the crawlspace. The techs set up air scrubbers and a negative air chamber to assist in removing the odors trapped within the small space in the Rocky Hill home.  After finalizing inspections and repairs to the exterior of the crawlspace, SERVPRO techs turned their attention to the interior of the Rocky Hill home as the odors from the crawlspace emanated into the first floor of the house.

Odor Control Applications to Remove Skunk Odor in a Rocky Hill Home

It is not unusual for SERVPRO technicians to use multiple types of odor control methods on a single restoration services job in Rocky Hill. This is because different types of equipment handle other sources of odor. Thermal fogging with a heated solution applied by a SERVPRO tech can work wonders around airborne and porous materials such as upholstered furnishings or draperies that can absorb scents. However, some scents are simply airborne and can get neutralized through the use of machines such as hydroxyl generators that work by emitting UV rays that eradicate odors at the molecular level.

As the homeowner stated in the video, it took a little time for SERVPRO to completely get the skunk odor out of the Rocky Hill property and involved close communication between the homeowner and SERVPRO. Once the technicians completed the job on the crawlspace and house, the homeowner was pleased with the outcome. SERVPRO technicians are members of the local Rocky Hill community and are always glad for the opportunity to support their fellow residents.