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Rocky Hill Duct Cleaning by SERVPRO for Debris-Free and Sanitary Air

The HVAC system in Rocky Hill properties is under pressure to run efficiently. However, that goal can get compromised when there is dust, dirt, grime, or mold present in the ductwork in the Rocky Hill property.

SERVPRO technicians use cleaning methods based on the best practices from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) and also the IICRC (The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification). The duct-cleaning crews follow a strict, research-based protocol to ensure the ductwork in Rocky Hill properties is left as clean as possible, including removing mold growth due to poor ventilation or neutralizing of foul odors or other common issues.

Safeguarding Against Spreading Mold Spores, Dust, and Dirt During Duct Cleaning in Rocky Hill

To contain the residues in the ductwork during the cleanup, including mold spores, SERVPRO technicians remove the vent covers for thorough cleaning and drying. Then, the techs place containment over the opening to halt any airflow into the home from occurring. At this point, SERVPRO techs commonly set up negative air machines to create suction in the ductwork that pulls loose debris and dust out. This eliminates the potential for airborne elements to get released into the Rocky Hill home during the cleaning process.

Getting Intake Ductwork Clean

The brush system utilized by SERVPRO in Rocky Hill ductwork cleaning operations is a powerful cleaning helper for SERVPRO techs. The round brush is on motorized, turning discs, and they scrap the sides of the ductwork and get rid of stuck-on debris and dust in the intake areas. During this phase of the duct-cleaning by SERVPRO, the vacuum created by the negative air machine whisks away loosened dirt and grime. After each pass in the ductwork, SERVPRO techs use a camera to inspect the ducts and ensure that they are cleaned to the high standards that SERVPRO holds for what clean means.

Mold Removal and Proactive Prevention in Rocky Hill by SERVPRO

When mold is part of the problem in the Rocky Hill ductwork, whether it is in the intake or return portion of the HVAC system, SERVPRO techs handle it much in the same fashion. The disinfection and deodorization of the Rocky Hill ducts. As seen in the video, SERVPRO has some small robotic-like equipment that moves through the duct passages. As the bot moves, it is fitted with sprayer attachments that wet down the interior of the ducts with EPA-registered disinfectants to inhibit the growth of molds, bacteria, and viruses inside the HVAC maze. The wheeled device can also deliver deodorizing solutions where foul odors are trapped in the ducts. This action assists in extending the time needed between cleanings in Rocky Hill properties.

Mold Removal in Rocky Hill Returns

Once the intake section of the ductwork in the Rocky Hill property gets cleaned and mold remediation performed, SERVPRO technicians can use their whip system to deliver an electrical charge that eliminates mold spores, dust, and debris which the negative air machine ports away out of the ducts. Once completed, this area also gets a proactive antimicrobial treatment, as seen in the video with the wheeled device spaying a proprietary solution within the ducts.