Recent Before & After Photos

Knoxville Damage from a Fire Place

A faulty damper in a chimney can take the fun out of having a fireplace in your Knoxville home. Though the fire damage was minimal, the smoke and soot issues we... READ MORE

Rocky Hill Water Damage to an Office

A broken water supply line to the restrooms in this multi-office building deposited standing water in several of the rooms. The commercial grade carpeting is mo... READ MORE

Damage from a Fire in a Knoxville Warehouse

The electrical sparking led to a significant fire damaging event in the attic and truss area of this warehouse in Knoxville. The unrented space only hurt the pr... READ MORE

Storm Damage - Knoxville Home

Storm damage occurred when a bad Knoxville storm blew a tree branch through a window of this home when the family was on vacation. A considerable amount of rain... READ MORE

Mold Damage – Knoxville Home

Mold damage was discovered around the baseboards of this Knoxville home. SERVPRO was called in to remediate the damage. Upon our initial inspection with high-te... READ MORE

Knoxville Water Intrusion in a Basement

This finished basement in an upscale Knoxville home suffered a water leak. The saturated carpet was the main casualty of the water, though the wood paneling was... READ MORE

Workout Gym Needs Work in Knoxville

These puddles illustrate just a part of the water that was on the synthetic rubber flooring of this Knoxville Gym Center. The rush to remove this water was to p... READ MORE

Flood, Mud, Stormy Weather in Knoxville

The river rose, the floodwaters entered this home in Knoxville and severely damaged the hardwood flooring. The detritus and mud deposited by the flood required ... READ MORE

Knoxville Utility and Kitchen Water Damage

A double whammy of a clogged washing machine drain and a burst water line in the adjacent wall wetted the drywall, and it was not salvageable. We discarded the ... READ MORE

Mold Damage – Knoxville Basement

Mold damage in this empty house in Knoxville resulted from leaky pipes from the floor above. The entire basement was infected with mold spores before it was dis... READ MORE