What our Customers say...


I was not here at the beginning part of the job so I am basing my review on working with Bryan on Wednesday and Friday and I am very pleased with that I see and would highly recommend you based on what I have seen. Thank you. 

Great job, very professional

Excellent Service!

Excellent Work!

Completely satisfied

They did great and are the most professional company in the business.

Great job every time.

Kody needs a raise. 

All personnel were courteous and very professional during the time that they were working on the project. I would definitely use this service again for other projects.

Thanks guys awesome service.

The ladies stayed busy and I did not observe the ladies wasting time. 

Appreciated the very prompt service!

The crew was great!  Very professional job.  Did some extra tasks which we appreciated.  These guys are real jewels!

Mrs. K called the office to express how pleased she is with all of the work that was done at her home. She said that she had never seen such a bunch of hard-working people in all of her 84 years.  She stated that she tried her best to show the techs and supervisors that were there just how much she appreciated them, but she wanted to pass it along to the company as well. They made many trips into the crawlspace without complaining and worked without hardly taking a break.  She offered them coffee or other drinks and they would say "thank you ma'am, but we're ok."

Mrs. K said "I don't think I heard of this company before, but with the way your employees work, I would be a good spokesperson for you.  I will sing the praises of this group to whoever will listen."

Both teams were great. Management did as promised. Staff was very hard working. 

Thank you

We love seeing all 10s from our Customers! Customer says "Thank you"

Your team was prompt, courteous and efficient in mitigating our water damage. Could not have asked for more efficient clean up and follow up. This was my first time to use professional mitigation service and could not have imaged how thorough your team was. I will use your service again and recommend it to others.

Great service!

Nick was great!

They were great.

Great Job All Around

Every one that showed up on the job site was cautious, helpful and very professional. I have to give cuddles to Cason. He is very knowledgeable and what I would think is a very valuable employee. You could tell he takes his job and profession very seriously and that is very rare these days. All the staff that showed up to work here was great.

Love the service

Excellent job by a great team of professionals.

Crews were very efficient and thorough. They explained what they were doing and expected outcome. Very satisfied.

Great service

All of the guys were top notch.  Very professional.  Thanks for getting in and getting the job done and safe for our family.  Thank you.

G R E A T !!!!!!!!!

Totally satisfied. Everyone was very helpful and concerned. Thanks to all.

The team from SERVPRO was great to work with.

I can't say enough about SERVPRO. From the day they arrived at our home felt we were in good hands. This company is professional, knowledgeable and worked in a timely manner. 

SERVPRO came out to help me with a leaking refrigerator line. SERVPRO came out within 2 hours. They were so nice. I recommend them 1000 times. They were very professional and made me feel at ease. To view the whole video testimonial go to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gvxxCWU_4wg 

SERVPRO was very prompt in responding to our emergency. The team was extremely professional and thorough throughout the process, and their communication has been above and beyond. Every step of the process... they were already a step ahead. I can't speak highly enough of them, their service and their staff. They are truly wonderful to work with.

They were fantastic! Like it never even happened!

Sean and his team were incredibly professional and efficient. I would recommend them to anybody else for their fine work.

Excellent company. I have them on speed dial.

Great professional group.

This franchise made this less than pleasant experience much easier to deal with. I will definitely recommend them to family and friends. The easiest part of the whole experience was calling SERVPRO.

When we bought our new house, we knew it would be a lot of work. But little did we know how much time and effort a clean-up of flood damage would be until we tried it ourselves. Thankfully when we got overwhelmed you were there to save the day. I will call you if we ever find another job that becomes to big to handle.

I could not be more pleased with a company than you all. I cannot brag on you enough. I don't want to have to use you, but if I do I want you all to do the work. I was impressed when i was on the phone to Crossville, while, ROCKY was on the phone with my wife getting details on the job. The crew was on site within a half hour! I could not believe the response time for a flood. I have recommend you to a friend Chad Mc. about you.

I could not be happier with services provided by our SERVPRO. My husband and i were in a panic on Saturday and did not know what to do. SERVPRO walked me through the process and Terry and others have been great. I am extremely pleased with the professionalism and workmanship. I will call you again if i am need of your services and will recommend you to others.

I almost started crying when i saw it because it was so clean. I couldn't believe that you all did that! It's like having a brand new car! I also that "That Becky is so sweet." i extend my gratitude onto John and Kristina and the whole SERVPRO team.

Terry communicated very well and the job was done thoroughly and everything is very dry. You all did an excellent job. I hope i do not need your services again but if i do you will get the call.

I give you all 10's on your report card. My experience with Terry was very positive as was my experience with SERVPRO Rocky Hill over all. I have great confidence in the SERVPRO name and your local company.

I will definitely recommend SERVPRO to everyone i know. Casin deserves a "gold star or a raise" because he made me feel so "confident and comfortable" i "breathed a sigh of relief." I am extremely impressed with his courtesy and professionalism, but especially with the way he was able to explain the process to me so i can understood every step clearly.

Very impressed with my service and would recommend SERVPRO to anyone with a need for your services.

Everything was great from start to finish. Mr. Visser was very helpful and understood my concerns. Your technicians are polite and knowledgeable and I would hire them again

You guys did an excellent job. When you have people who are willing, courteous, and helpful, it just makes everything so much easier.

The crew did a fantastic job. I cannot say enough good about them. I am very happy with everything, especially with Mark. It was a wonderful thing that he told me to call the insurance company. And the guy (Casin) who was out here running the crew was excellent. He was patient and reassuring, and you know how particular I am about my things. I hope I never need you again, but I will tell everyone to call you for these situations.

The call of, "Help" seems so inadequate when your carpet is quickly soaking up rain water, and mold is attacking walls and furniture!!!

SERVPRO's thoughtful personnel calmed my fears in the days and weeks following as they cleaned and restored my home, even arranging barriers that were set up to prevent future invasions. I was SO grateful for your services, and secretly hoping I would never need them again!!

Everything was wonderful. I would definitely call you again. Tim was very understanding and helpful.

You guys did an excellent job. When you have people who are willing, courteous and helpful, it just makes everything so much easier.

Fast Response and Efficient. Got right on it. If a similar situation occurs, SERVPRO will be called.

Thanks for the immediate response. Fantastic! We are very pleased with your service. You all did an excellent job. Chuck was very polite.

These guys are great. Everything was explained clearly and the work was excellent.

Very Professional. One of the best services I have ever had.

Everything was really great. I was impressed with how quickly you responded.

You did everything you said you would do. My husband was onsite when our furniture was set back and he was very impressed that the crew had pictures to show placement of the furniture. Very professional!

I can't say enough good things about Tim and the crews! Casin is excellent. I give you 10 out of 10!

Thanks for the job well done! Team was extremely courteous and took necessary time to assess my situation. Follow up time from initial call was very timely.

SERVPRO's service was stellar and I was amazed that you all kept coming. Just wonderful - everyone was so professional. I will recommend you to everyone.

From start to finish these gentleman have exceeded my expectations. Their confidence in their process set me at east that the job would be right. Tim was my go to guy; he provided kind advise.

We are extremely happy and satisfied by the cleaning done by SERVPRO. Feel very confident that the bathroom and other areas are safe and clean to use now after being cleaned. Definitely would recommend and use again!

Cason and Trevor were very professional, helpful and reassuring

I will always recommend SERVPRO!

Can't think of anything that could be done better than how they do their job!! Great people!!

Excellent work - No worker downtime because of SERVPRO's help! Thanks

Jason and Devin were very quite and professional! Thank you!

SERVPRO was a tremendous help and comfort during an upsetting time after an apartment fire. I will happily refer any friends and family.

I am so thankful SERVPRO was here to handle all happenings while I was dealing with the passing of my mother. They were compassionate and handled everything for me so I could focus on other problems that occurred.

All men perform to the top!!

I'm not sure how, but the teams who came to our house somehow made the cleanup an almost enjoyable experience. I've never had any company consistently on time, on task, knowledgeable, or personable as the teams we saw. My family thanks you with the highest regards. You will most certainly be recommended to family and friends with great esteem. Thank you.

The on-site guys were very respectful of our home and the kids. Carpets look great!

It was a concern dealing with 3 or so different crews that information would get lost along the way, but it didn't happen. Very satisfied

After talking to my insurance agent, Tim was at my house in 20 minutes and immediately started evaluating the situation. He called in his crew and the equipment they needed right away. It's now 4 in the afternoon and I am satisfied that my home is secure from the elements for the time being. Couldn't be happier considering. Thank you!

Very pleased with Jason and Devon's work and professionalism. They are good representatives of SERVPRO. Also very pleased with Angie's promptness and assistance throughout the process.

Wonderful service! Thanks a lot.

Keep up the good work!

Everyone was so helpful and responsive. Great service!

Punctual, trustworthy and helpful.

Cason and Scott did an excellent job cleaning our carpets. Cason thoroughly explained the possibility of "bubbling" with our carpets, but they turned out great. Very pleased. Scheduling more service.

Thank you!! The team was wonderful.

The service was great. I cannot say enough good things about your response time and professionalism. You should be proud of your team. They are very impressive. I have already told several people and I will be a great endorsement for you if needed.

All Excellent! Sean, Chuck, Devon and Phillip were incredible! Professional, helpful and personable.

Thank you Mark at SERVPRO of Rocky Hill!

Bottom Line: "Momma Likes It!" Top-Notch, Nice Folks.

Very Professional! If you're rating from 1 to 10, all your guys are a 10!

Your crew was prompt, courteous, efficient and professional. I can tall a lot of time is spent on employee training.

Very professional. Service has been great! I am recommending SERVPRO to everybody.

SERVPRO are my new best friends! Thank you! Ya'll are awesome

I was very impressed with the whole SERVPRO experience. All employees were professional, compassionate, and very accommodating. I will recommend them to my friends.

Jason & Dillon did a great job cleaning our carpets. They were patient, waiting for us to unlock the doors, and thorough in the job they did. We appreciate their work.

Everyone was great. You guys are pros.

I have been extremely happy with SERVPRO. The response time was impressive and I greatly appreciate this. The professionalism was outstanding. I was impressed with the prompt and professional service.

SERVPRO understands professionalism. Thorough and fast service.

No recommendations for improving your company. I've already been recommending SERVPRO to everybody.

We called them up at 6 or 7 AM on a Sunday morning and came right out. Very prompt.Everyone one was super nice especially Casin. I can't say enough good things about him. Casin seems to have taken the drying of my home as his own personal thing.

Excellent customer service.

An outstanding experience and amazing job. Super service and will definitely recommend to other realtors. Excellent, Bryan! Thank you!

Very satisfied and very professional service by all I came in contact with.

Ondina and Kody were very courteous and professional. Great job!

Bryan and Devin were very knowledgeable and professional. Thank you.

Over the past 6 days there have been several different SERVPRO employees in our home. Each one was exceptional in performance, personality, and explanation. My husband has health issues and everyone worked very well with him.

Casin and Scott did an excellent job! What a difference it made! Thank you. Always a pleasure to work with your company.

Extremely professional. Very impressed. Clone the crew that worked here and use them everywhere.

Everything was good. You did an awesome job . . . arrive quickly, and were very courteous and professional.

SERVPRO made this a very pleasant experience

Devin was very nice and helpful. My carpets look great.

All personnel were friendly, conscientious, and professional. It is a blessing to work with professionals that aim to serve and satisfy the customers. Thank you. It was a pleasant experience in the middle of an unpleasant experience.

Response time was amazing. Jason was professional and helpful.

Having to deal with a major water leak we had is beyond a stressful situation, especially when you have an 11 month old at home. I don’t think it would be possible to have had a more professional, courteous, efficient, and respectful group of people come and expertly deal with the situation at hand. The entire team handled our situation with the utmost care and consideration. SERVPRO made this “disaster” turn into a problem to be solved, and then solved it.

Alex has been amazing to work with throughout this process. He has always been helpful and prompt. I also have the highest of praises for the 3 guys sent to work in my home. My dog loved them too. Thanks for removing the mold from my Knoxville home.

You guys are worth every penny and did exactly what we wanted. Chuck has been great in getting all of this set-up. I appreciate all of his help. Nick, Devin, Jacob, Will, and everyone else involved with this did a fantastic job. Thank you all so much.

Very thorough and professional. Showed empathy for our disaster. I am very grateful.

Every person that came to provide service was extremely polite and professional. I experienced some of the best customer service I’ve ever had. They made a stressful time less upsetting. I am extremely satisfied. Everyone onsite was awesome. I will definitely recommend you.

Everything was great. The team that performed the cleaning in our Knoxville home exceeded our expectations.

Everything was good, crew was very courteous and kind, they explained everything very well. Thanks for resolving the water damage in our Knoxville home.

Tim, Nick, and the crew need to be commended for the response and work done on Christmas Day. Thanks.

I honestly can’t think of anything the franchise can do better. They beat my time expectations, answered all my questions, and offered recommendations. Fantastic support.

Highly recommend this company, should anyone I know have the misfortune of a disaster in their home. Very professional and did the job hired to do.

You have a great staff! Everyone was very considerate and professional.

As always, SERVPRO of Rocky Hill was the best.

Casin explained to me, prior to cleaning, how the clay would be difficult to get out. He taught me historical facts. I understood the issue we were up against. My expectations were to live with clay printed carpets . . . BUT, NO! . . Again, SERVPRO of Rocky Hill exceeded my expectations. Casin and Scott scrubbed their fingers to the bone and got that clay out of the pure, white carpets. Super grateful. Super awesome crew.

Excellent service. I will be using SERVPRO of Rocky Hill for years to come. I request Jason’s and Devin’s team every time.

We appreciate everything you have done for our staff and residents.

You went above and beyond and were patient with us considering that we had to reschedule several times. Showed great concern when carpet bubbled and was very cautious.

All the guys were great. Bryan was such a great help. I don’t know how I could have faced the magnitude of all that needed to be done. He is a prize! Thanks SERVPRO!! Tim and Alex waded through the complexities of all the insurance maze and went to bat for us to explain to them the services needed. Professional, kind, understating, and accommodating. Thanks to all, especially Bryan, who helped me through many tough decisions.

"Your team was kind, understanding, and patient. They could not have been more helpful. We truly appreciate all that you did."