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Get Your Feet Tapping At An Old Fashioned Knoxville Jam Session

11/27/2020 (Permalink)

a guitar and a microphone SERVPRO is looking forward to the Old-Time Knoxville Jam!

Come And Play Or Enjoy Listening At An Old-Time Knoxville Jam

Knoxville has a rich music culture, and what better way to celebrate it than at an old-time jam session?

Join Sarah Pirkle at the Jig & Reel and immerse yourself in the legacy of the Appalachian music that is an integral part of the city.

  • This is a string only session – no percussion instruments.
  • Dancing is encouraged, but please do not wear tap shoes.
  • Open to all abilities – just grab an instrument from the wall and go to town.

This is a fast-paced jam with no breaks. Everyone plays together, so it gets very lively and is a lot of fun. Play as much or as little as you want to – or if you are not a musician, come along and enjoy listening.

Sessions take place every Tuesday at 7:15 PM.

With the winter weather coming in, businesses need water damage restoration companies near them to rely on. SERVPRO of Rocky Hill / Sequoyah Hills / South Knoxville supports local businesses. Call us at (865) 862-8907.

Stay Fit This Fall With Rocky Hill Mountain Biking

11/23/2020 (Permalink)

flooded nursery with items floating It will be exciting to see the community at Meads Quarry!

Enjoy The Great Outdoors In Rocky Hill

As the weather turns colder, it is more important than ever to stay fit and enjoy the great outdoors. Meads Quarry is an area within the ijams Nature Center. This exhilarating loop takes riders on a full circuit inside the quarry. It is an ideal intermediate ride for those who mountain bike regularly and are looking for an enjoyable challenge. Riders should be aware that:

  • The clay route does not drain well. Please avoid it when the weather is wet.
  • There are several climbs.
  • If you want an extra challenge, you can take a diversion along the Flow, which features berms, humps, and skinny bridges.

Rides take place every Tuesday at 6 PM, weather permitting.

After a fall bike ride, it is good to go home and get cozy in front of the fire. However, please be mindful of fire risks, and if you need assistance with fire cleanup, SERVPRO of Rocky Hill / Sequoyah Hills / South Knoxville is here for you. Call us at (865) 862-8907.

Knoxville Businesses Can Rely On SERVPRO For Storm Cleanup Help

11/15/2020 (Permalink)

fallen trees and power lines on a road When your business is facing cleanup after a storm, contact team SERVPRO. We are standing by 24/7 to take your emergency call.

Our Storm Cleanup Service Is Suitable For Every Kind of Knoxville Building

Knoxville is a lively, busy, and populous city that is proud to be the county seat of Knox County. With a population of 187,603, Knoxville is the third-largest city in the state, after Nashville and Memphis.

When settlers first colonized Knoxville in 1786, it was the capital of Tennessee. The isolated position put it at a disadvantage, but with the advent of the railroad, Knoxville started growing in size and power. Some people refer to it as an alternative Nashville – but calling it that means missing out on its own unique culture and history.

Knoxville has a strong manufacturing history. Although its fortunes waned a little after the Great Depression, it has made a comeback in the last decades, with many world-class businesses making their homes here.

A Fascinating Downtown

Knoxville visitors, and those who choose to set up their businesses here, are frequently amazed and delighted by the staggering range of architectural styles the city boasts. There are so many impressive buildings to look at, and the varied architectural periods help give Knoxville its unique vibe, which encompasses both historic and modern sensibilities. Just some of the gems you will find include:

  • The Tennessee Theater. Located in the Burwell Building, the Tennessee Theater, is a bona fide 1920s movie palace. It was opened in 1928 with two thousand seats in the auditorium. The interior includes décor from all over the world, such as French-style chandeliers with Czechoslovakian crystals and Italian marble floors.
  • Old Knoxville City Hall. The main building in this complex was completed in 1851. It started as a school for the deaf before becoming Knoxville’s first City Hall. The facade boasts an impressive portico with supporting columns, while other parts of the building have Italian Renaissance and Neoclassical elements.
  • Howard Baker Federal Courthouse. Knoxville’s architecture did not stop in the 1920s! This impressive building was constructed in 1991. It has an elaborate interior that showcases the best of Neo-Georgian architecture and is large enough to occupy two city blocks. The Federal Courthouse started life as the home offices of Whittle Communications before the company folded and sold the building to the Federal government.
  • The Andrew Johnson Hotel. This striking building has stood since the 1930s. When it was built, it was Knoxville’s tallest building and a notable feature of the skyline until the 1970s. The building is unusual, boasting a second story pavilion and a penthouse. These days it is an office block but still retains its history.
  • William Blount Mansion. No visit to Knoxville would be complete without stopping by the William Blount Mansion, the oldest building in downtown Knoxville. Construction began on the house in 1792, and Governor Blount drafted much of the Tennessee Constitution here. The house features an elegant two-story wood frame construction, even though many homes in the area at this time were mere log cabins!

It is not only businesses that can boast incredible architecture in the city! Knoxville has the greatest number of homes by George Franklin Barber in the nation. Barber was a Victorian architect who was so successful that his designs were sold through mail order catalog.

Visitors or residents eager to learn more can visit The Ewing Gallery of Art + Architecture, which aims to educate about modern and historic building styles and trends.

What Puts Knoxville Buildings At Risk Of Storm Damage?

Knoxville has a humid subtropical climate, with warm summers and colder winters. Unfortunately for residents and businesses, the area is no stranger to storms and extreme weather. Tennessee, and Knoxville specifically, have seen their share of storms that knocked out power and caused wide-ranging damage to homes and businesses.

There were tornado outbreaks in both 1998 and 2020, where more than one tornado hit in a short space of time. The 1998 Tornado outbreak hit East Tennessee, causing twelve deaths and $133 million in damages.

It is clear that storms are a risk in this area. Thankfully, SERVPRO is here to help.

Understanding Different Building Materials Is Key To Storm Cleanup

When a city boasts as many different architectural styles as Knoxville, a knowledgeable storm cleanup service is necessary. Old buildings especially are prone to damp and mold, and we must take that into account. Building construction can affect many areas of remediation, including:

  • How long it takes to dry a building
  • How much risk there is of hidden water
  • The likelihood of mold growth
  • Which cleaning and drying methods are most suitable
  • How best to deodorize the area

Our technicians understand how building construction affects drying and will design a drying plan that takes everything into account. We know how best to position equipment such as air dryers and dehumidifiers for the desired outcome. And because we train our staff to the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification standards, you can rest assured that our team is up to date on the latest best practices.

SERVPRO Monitors Drying In Every Kind Of Building

It is clear that every building is unique and requires an individual approach to storm damage remediation. Monitoring moisture levels both at the beginning of remediation and throughout drying means we are always on top of the situation and can make adjustments as needed. Some of the ways we monitor the problem include:

  • Using moisture meters to measure moisture levels across walls and ceilings
  • Using moisture probes to examine the levels inside the carpet
  • Examining the sub-floor to see if water has penetrated there
  • Monitoring humidity levels to ensure they are acceptable.
  • Employing thermal imaging to check temperature differences and track the movement of moisture throughout building materials

No matter whether you run your business out of an ultra-modern condo or a renovated Victorian mansion, we have the equipment and training to restore it “Like it never even happened.”

SERVPRO of Rocky Hill / Sequoyah Hills / South Knoxville is here for all your storm damage cleanup needs. Call us at (865) 862-8907.

Is a Professional Mold Remediation Company Necessary?

10/28/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO truck with phone number at site Why try to remove mold from your Knoxville home when SERVPRO has the skilled technicians using advanced equipment and products? We can help!

Mold in a Knoxville Home Can Cause Significant Problems if Left Unattended. Call a Professional Team Before It’s Too Late!

In Knoxville, homeowners may discover mold in their homes and be tempted to leave it unattended or simply clean it with a homemade solution. Even when it seems like the do-it-yourself approach is successful, it most likely sets the stage for a bigger problem in the future. The best protection against mold complications is calling a professional team and let them take action.

Mold removal in Knoxville is a service we provide at SERVPRO. We know the area well and are aware of the danger of mold due to the characteristics of our community's homes and other factors such as weather. Once you contact our 24-hour hotline, we dispatch our trained professionals to inspect your home from top to bottom and help you defeat your mold problem.

How exactly does mold remediation work?

Our SERVPRO team takes great care in setting up barriers to control the mold colonies in your home as we work. Humidity is often at the root of most mold problems, so we search diligently for any leaks in your pipes, air ducts, roof, and windows to determine where the source of excess moisture exists. We then control humidity levels with dehumidifiers and varying sizes of extractors, all while monitoring our progress with state-of-the-art industry tools. As far as the mold itself, we perform some of the following to remove it from your home-

  • Removal from porous surfaces by using chemical sprays
  • Application of anti-microbial solutions throughout your home
  • Soda blasting surfaces with mold

Mold is not a trivial issue. Failure to tackle it with the comprehensive approach it requires is only an invitation for mold colonies to spread throughout your home. Experts in mold remediation can give you the answers you seek and help protect your health.

SERVPRO of Rocky Hill/ Sequoyah Hills/ South Knoxville is your expert friend in your time of need. Call us at (865) 862-8907 and let us fight mold on your behalf. Our goal, like yours, is to leave your home, “Like it never even happened.”

Do Restoration Services in Knoxville Include Structural Repair?

10/25/2020 (Permalink)

fire damaged living room with debris on the ground and exposed walls Repairing your home after fire damage can seem impossible. Contact SERVPRO 24/7 for professional remediation and mitigation services for your home.

SERVPRO in Downtown Knoxville Has Licensing to Perform Structural Fire Restoration in your Home.

Can fires impact the structure of a building?

When materials burn at high temperatures in your Knoxville home, it can affect the solidity and composition. The pressure generated during a fire can easily blow out windows, char, or warp frameworks for doorways and flooring. SERVPRO technicians can send a crew chief alongside a production technician to analyze your property and put together a recovery procedure. Our technicians have undergone a 30-hour general construction training program (OSHA) to ensure that we can perform structural repair on-site safely and professionally.

What is required before the structural repair takes place?

  • Establishing a safe working zone by neutralizing potential dangers from electrics, collapse or slip & fall hazards
  • Safely removing contents to an on-site location or an off-site warehouse.
  • Providing adequate lighting and power to perform the necessary reconstruction

What covers reconstructive fire services?

Recovering losses through fire restoration in your Knoxville home covers all aspects of a property from staircases to doorways, walls, and ceilings. Our training ensures that you only have to deal with one service throughout the process of returning the property to its preloss condition. We can arrange for the removal and disposal of non-salvageable materials and reinstalling vital parts of the home like weak walls, subfloors, and even structural framework. The process of returning a building to a livable condition after a large loss event can be stressful. Our crew chiefs are on hand to help you every step of the way.

How does reconstruction of a property after a fire work?

  • Identifying and removing parts of the structure
  • Thoroughly cleaning wall cavities, subfloors, and ceilings to prevent residual odors from affecting your home
  • Replacing damaged materials with new items and reinstalling them in the property

A large loss event in your home can make life difficult. Contact SERVPRO of Rocky Hill / Sequoyah Hills / South Knoxville at (865) 862-8907 for expert guidance and advice.

Click here for more information about Knoxville.

SERVPRO is Ready to Perform Knoxville Water Damage Cleanup 24/7

10/23/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO semi, equipment, giant tree SERVPRO customers relax when they know our Team is handling water emergency problems on their Knoxville property.

Receive Emergency-Response Cleanup and Restoration That is Faster to Any Size Disaster When You Call (865) 862-8907

Knoxville, Tennessee, sports a population of over 187,000 and is the third-largest city in the state. The entire Knoxville Metropolitan Statistical Area has a population of over 869,000, according to 2019 data. Not only has this historic area been settled since 1786, but it was also the original capital of Tennessee. The Marble City is home to a myriad of prominent corporations that contribute significantly to American business, including:

  • Media giant Discovery, Inc.
  • Tombras Group, a multimillion-dollar digital advertising firm.
  • Truckstop chain giant Pilot Flying J.
  • Multibillion-dollar wholesale grocer The H. T. Hackney Company.

The Queen City of the Mountains is home to many tourist destinations, such as the Sunsphere built for the 1982 World’s Fair, the McClung Museum of Natural History and Culture, and the French Broad River, a popular destination for boating and kayaking. Knoxville is also one of the entry points for the historic Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Knoxville: A City Built on Restoration

The affectionately-named “Heart of the Valley” is no stranger to rebuilding and revitalization. Knoxville has undergone massive growth from its roots as a manufacturing center into a veritable jewel of Appalachia. In the aftermath of the Civil War, northern investors brought commerce back to the city during Reconstruction. After the Great Depression, Knoxville was restored in part by the creation of the federally-owned Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), now the largest public power provider in the entire United States.

Much like the resilience inherent to Knoxville itself, SERVPRO is dedicated to helping you bounce back after a disaster occurs. As local franchise Vice President Kristina L. Greenway puts it, "Helping others in their time of need is one of life’s greatest privileges."™

SERVPRO of Rocky Hill / Sequoyah Hills / South Knoxville: A Locally-Owned and Operated Franchise with a Focus on Family

Your local SERVPRO franchise is owned and operated by people with their own ties to the Knoxville area. President and Vice President John A. Greenway and Kristina L. Greenway are graduates from Roane State Community College and Lincoln Memorial University. Their son, Sean, is a former crew chief currently acting as the Key Account Manager for this franchise location.

John has several Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) approved accreditations related to disaster mitigation, including:

  • Water Damage Restoration (WRT)
  • Applied Structural Drying (ASD)
  • Commercial Drying Specialization (CDS)

Kristina also has extensive training in restoration industry best practices approved by the IICRC, including the following:

  • Certified BioRecovery Masters (CBRM) from the American BioRecovery Association
  • WRT certification
  • Fire and Smoke Remediation (FSRT)
  • Advanced Microbial Remediation (AMART)

SERVPRO of Rocky Hill / Sequoyah Hills / South Knoxville is partnered with several local organizations, including Emergency Planning Committees, the Tennessee Association of Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors, the Greater Knoxville Hospitality Association, and the Knoxville Chamber of Commerce.

Whether your family’s residence in Morningside has suffered a pipe leak or your budding startup in an office park on Locust Street requires rapid-response cleanup and structural drying late at night, SERVPRO can return your property to a preloss state.

Water Damage Claims Information for Knoxville Homeowners

Water damage is the most common cause of residential property damage in United States homes today, seconded only by fire damage. Common causes of water damage in Knoxville homes include burst pipes, overflowing water from a neighboring property, and sprinkler system failures. These incidents can lead to such issues as:

  • Mold damage, which can have health effects, cause property damage, and create unpleasant odors in the home.
  • Warping, cupping, cracking, wood rot, and fungal growth on structural materials.
  • The attraction of structural material damaging pests like carpenter ants and termites.

A critical aspect of mitigation and restoration is maintaining a claims filing process that is as streamlined and transparent as possible. It is crucial to ensure that homeowners are well-informed about insurance standards specific to Tennessee.

Knoxville homeowners with questions about their rights are as policyholders, or those who wish to know more about the regulations and laws apply to Tennessee insurance claims can find out more from the Tennessee Department of Insurance. Local public adjusters are also helpful resources for these purposes. Keep in mind that, should you hire a public adjuster, Tennessee state law caps their fees for residential loss claims at 15% of the total loss amount.

The team at SERVPRO is also committed to coordinating with you and ensuring that you stay in the loop regarding cleanup and restoration. Technicians can aid in the documentation process, which can bolster your proof of loss claim. This crew also maintains close contact with your insurance adjuster to ensure that cleanup is done per your policy as well as local and state regulations.

How Does SERVPRO Remove Water Damage from Knoxville Homes?

SERVPRO technicians take a multi-pronged approach to water damage. A pipe leak under a hardwood floor that is saturating the floorboards, for example, requires more than drying with air movers and dehumidifiers to ensure that your flooring is successfully restored.

  • Water removal tools like extraction wands accelerate the drying process hundreds of times without the risk of secondary water damages from air moisture.
  • EPA-registered antimicrobial solutions aid in the remediation of mold while controlling water damage odors.
  • Floorboards experiencing warping or cupping from water damage can often be cleaned, repaired, sanded, and prepared for refinishing to save on replacement costs.

SERVPRO of Rocky Hill / Sequoyah Hills / South Knoxville also provides a suite of other restoration services that include, but are not limited to:

  • Flooring repairs for marble, tile, carpeting, and linoleum.
  • Restoration for furniture, electronics, documents, and fine art.
  • Roofing, plumbing, HVAC, and dry cleaning services.

SERVPRO of Rocky Hill / Sequoyah Hills / South Knoxville, Faster To Any Size Disaster. Call (865) 862-8907 to have an emergency-response crew at your home within hours of your initial contact.

Which Companies Help Residents with Water Intrusion?

10/13/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO team members standing in front of SERVPRO restoration equipment at warehouse Meet some of our team members. We are ready to meet any water damage emergency needs that you have.

SERVPRO is Knoxville Based and Ready to Help with Water Damage Repair in your Home

How does water impact a structure?

A water intrusion event can affect the structure of your Knoxville home. These effects are twofold. The first is by absorbing into building materials and weakening them. Sagging or warping is a vital sign of a weakening structure. Some materials, such as multi-ply woods, may begin to break apart or visibly bend. The second issue with water intrusion is mold growth. Water contains microbes that can spring to life in the presence of organic materials, moisture, and warmth. Conducting responsible property repair then must cater to both these aspects of water intrusion. SERVPRO technicians can dry your structure while controlling indoor humidity and temperature to prevent mold growth.

Is hot air necessary for drying a structure?

Higher temperatures boost the amount of moisture that the air can hold and are an essential part of water damage repair in your Knoxville home. However, sometimes temperature controls may be inefficient. For example, a wet garage may have insufficient insulation to hold temperature and running heating equipment for long sessions could be cost-inefficient. While air-movers can provide a short, sharp supply of hot air, these equipment are less useful when drying semi-porous materials like concrete or lumber. SERVPRO technicians can opt to use desiccant dehumidifiers in the property, which function efficiently in cold temperatures. There are many factors that a technician considers when restoring your home. Pre-testing and monitoring are essential methods in putting together a drying strategy.

What occurs during a pre-test of a wet property?

  • Technicians identify various building materials and consult on the best equipment, methods, and options for drying.
  • Penetrating and non-penetrating moisture meters can help restoration technicians understand how much water materials absorb
  • Site-specific factors are noted during a pre-test to ensure that the drying strategy is suitable for your home's architecture and assembly.

Is property repair worth it?

When a structure becomes wet, it may be tempting to consider replacing large amounts of building material or contents. No matter how bad things look, restoration techniques often return a home to its preloss condition. In general, cleaning or drying materials in the house is cost-efficient, whereas replacing them may become expensive. Restoration is generally far less inconvenient for a homeowner than demolition and re-installation, creating noise and taking significant time to order replacement materials. Using a bullet-proof drying and cleaning strategy generally offers a solution that causes the minimum homeowner inconvenience.

What are the expensive aspects of water repair?

  • Resurfacing or refinishing some or parts of the home which take significant time for layering and installation
  • Controlled or uncontrolled demolition and packing, hiring dumpsters, and disposal of large amounts of mortar, drywall, or plaster
  • Replacing construction materials entirely. Especially for more expensive, resilient materials like tiles or marble constructs

When does replacement outweigh restoration?

It is not always viable to return a water damaged Knoxville home to its preloss condition through cleaning and drying the structure and contents. Often materials or contents that have long-term water exposure require replacement. Equally, cheaper items that are readily available and relatively easy to install can usually be replaced. A carpet pad, for example, can be dried and cleaned. However, these are typically made from sponge or polypropylene, which is an inexpensive material to place. SERVPRO technicians often stock carpet pads alongside drying equipment and cleaning equipment since, in many restoration services, these parts of the floor assembly are replaced. Replacing a carpet pad can extend both the carpet and the subfloor's life, making it an excellent example of when replacement outweighs restoration.

What is the impact of water on concrete floors?

  • Steady absorption into the concrete which can lead to cracking
  • Powder staining on the surface of the concrete
  • Mold and microbial growth which can expand and lead to exponential damages

Can restoration costs get out of control?

The water damage restoration cost is generally fixed in an estimate verbally produced during an initial inspection before receiving an adjuster's confirmation. There are rare circumstances when complications arise while restoring a property. These complications generally occur in older buildings when potentially harmful materials are present such as lead-based paint or asbestos. Lead and asbestos dust can be hazardous if inhaled. The S500 from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certifications (IICRC) recommends that technicians avoid disturbing lead or asbestos in a property. It may be necessary to use a qualified abatement professional in these circumstances to lengthen the timespan of restoration.

Bringing back your home to its preloss condition is a professional job. Contact SERVPRO of Rocky Hill / Sequoyah Hills / South Knoxville at (865) 862-8907 now.

Why Should Knoxville Business Owners Hire Professional Water Damage Recovery Firms Over In-House Cleaning Crews?

9/22/2020 (Permalink)

water damage in building Call us at (865) 862-8907 24-hours a day to schedule a prompt evaluation.

Speed, Training, Specialized Commercial-Grade Equipment, and Project Scalability Place SERVPRO in a Class by Itself When Completing Large-Scale Water Damage Repair in Knoxville

When your Knoxville business suffers a water loss, your first inclination might be to coordinate the clean up with your on-staff housekeeping personnel. Before you commit to this approach, keep in mind that your facility might not have the specialized equipment needed to remove massive water quantities.

What Is the Time Frame for an Appropriate Water Damage Repair Response in Commercial Buildings?
Water damage repair in your Knoxville commercial building cannot wait for regular business hours. Building materials and contents deteriorate within minutes to hours of the water incursion, even if the leak or overflow occurred over a weekend or during the wee hours. A response within just a few hours maximum at full working capacity is critical to mitigating any further harm and assuring that disruptions to your everyday operations are kept to a minimum. Waiting for your in-house cleaning crew to assess the situation and obtain required equipment delays the start of mitigation unreasonably, and interferes with your core staff’s ability to provide services and goods to customers.

Does High-Quality Water Damage Repair Require Specialized and Advanced Training?
Working with a professional water emergency recovery company like SERVPRO ensures that the individuals assessing planning and implementing interventions have the training and a scalable inventory of water extraction and drying tools. Managing contamination concerns, which are often possible in a water loss situation, need guidance from knowledgeable managers up-to-date with the latest local regulations concerning containment and lawful disposal. Our team completes the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) coursework before working on any field project, and brings technicians certified in most, if not all, of the following specialties to your site:

    •    Water Damage Restoration Technician (WRT)
    •    Applied Structural Drying (ASD)
    •    Applied Microbial Remediation Technician (AMRT)
    •    Building Moisture Thermography (BMT)
    •    Commercial Drying Specialist (CDS)
    •    Odor Control Technician (OCT)

Allow the capable crews from SERVPRO of Rocky Hill / Sequoyah Hills / South Knoxville to assess, plan, and implement the water damage repair agenda in your commercial building. Call us at  (865) 862-8907 24-hour a day to schedule a prompt evaluation.

How Can I Be Sure to Hire the Company in Knoxville that Is the Best Fit for My Home's Flooding Recovery?

9/12/2020 (Permalink)

flooding in the kitchen Our desire to support our community during times of greatest need is why SERVPRO strives to provide a scalable team of the best trained and equipped f

Our Commitment to the Community Plus Dedication to Managing Multiple Requests for Assistance Successfully and Seamlessly Is Why SERVPRO Is Knoxville's Flood Damage Abatement Leader

Heavy rains and strong winds are often predicted during the summer and fall in Knoxville, exposing residents to the possibility of exterior damage and overland flooding. Regardless of how unwanted flood water enters your dwelling, you must arrange for interventions quickly. If professionals mitigate and remediate flood water damage promptly, many structural components survive the loss, but the timeline is tight. You do not want to be given a number in a queue, risking waiting hours, days, or weeks before receiving professional restorers' attention.

What Can Go Wrong if I Opt to Hire a Traveling Flood Disaster Remediation Company?
During the summer and fall storm season, homeowners find itinerant flood damage recovery companies knocking on doors and leaving flyers. The temptation to accept what seems like immediate assistance is understandable, but hiring an established, reputable, and local company is the far better choice. "Storm chasers" infiltrate affected neighborhoods like the floodwaters rising in your basement or imperiling your crawl space. Resist reacting in a panicked way to either the impending damage or the sales pressure. The following are reasons why it is risky to sign a contract with a non-local recovery outfit:

    •    Most local governments require permits, licenses, and certifications to complete the wide variety of assessments and tasks needed to take on a flood damage project, these prerequisites often not held by "storm chasing" firms.
    •    The "door knocker" is not always qualified to complete a professional inspection of the flood damage in your Knoxville home, resulting in inaccurate pricing and failure to account for the damage's full spectrum and the mitigation and remediation needed to reverse or remediate the damage.
    •    You have little involvement in the planning of the project or any efficient way to communicate with the crew that ultimately arrives to perform the work, often causing needless stress, conflict, and disruption.
    •    A lack of local brick and mortar presence impels the traveling contractors to move away, on down the disaster trail, foreclosing any ability homeowners have to follow up when the materials and products used prove inadequate, and the work itself is of poor caliber.

If I Choose a Local Company to Help with Flood Damage Will My Needs Matter?
We realize that when many residential and commercial properties exhibit flood damage, it can be worrisome that your home's issues and your family's discomfort and disruption might get lost in the chaos. When SERVPRO takes on your project, however, you can be sure:

    •    We arrive promptly, within the hour, ready with our fully stocked vehicles to complete a safety hazard and damage assessment before commencing emergency services.
    •    The crew assigned to your property has experience in and prepares for managing your loss in a professional and timely manner, even as our company assists others with their disasters.
    •    If your job presents challenges or requires especially swift resolution, we have extensive practice in coordinating large work crews while taking responsibility for a complicated agenda of necessary tasks to return your home to preloss condition.

We patiently listen to your concerns and questions throughout the project and respond as a collaborator. We welcome you to reach out after the job completes any lingering worries or unintended consequences you confront in the days, weeks, or months following the flood damage project's wrapup.

What Separates Reliable and High-Quality Flood Recovery Companies from the Rest?
Three characteristics of flood damage restoration companies that stand above, offering to best meet residential customer needs are:

Comprehensive training of the owners and all managers and technician in best practices through classwork and practicums offered by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC)

Investment in state-of-the-art proprietary cleaning and disinfecting products and commercial-grade tools and equipment in quantities sufficient to respond to the community's flood damage recovery needs, including but not limited to:

    •    Rakes, shovels, wheelbarrows
    •    Submersible pumps for flood water deeper than two inches
    •    Truck-mount and portable water extractors
    •    Moisture detectors and meters to locate trapped water and provide data for effective structural drying
    •    Specialty equipment such as air scrubbers, Injectidry systems, and a broad range of resources for flood-damaged contents in our production facility
    •    EPA-registered cleaners and disinfectants

A people-first orientation that underlies our relentless striving towards high expectations and integrity in our dealings with customers and superior outcomes.

Our desire to support our community during times of greatest need is why SERVPRO of Rocky Hill / Sequoyah Hills / South Knoxville strives to provide a scalable team of the best trained and equipped flood damage recovery technicians possible. We pledge to arrive at your flood emergency day or night within an hour of your call to (865) 862-8907, prepared to make it “Like it never even happened.”

How Quickly Can SERVPRO Restore Knoxville Event Venues After a Fire?

8/31/2020 (Permalink)

"We can help" No matter when you make the call, we have technicians who can assist you.

When your venue becomes damaged, restoring the fire loss effects often falls to the capable abilities of our fire restoration professionals. 

With managing entertainment and event venues throughout Knoxville, you are continually balancing schedules and deadlines. Scheduling the upkeep and maintenance of your facilities can be problematic enough with a packed agenda, making situations like a fire loss to cause even more considerable challenges. As a leading professional fire restoration company, our SERVPRO team is locally owned and operated for a fast response to emergencies whenever they occur. 

When discussing fire restoration for Knoxville venues, it is not often as straightforward as house fire recovery might be for restorers. The obstacles of post-fire restoration remain the same, though on a much grander scale that requires powerful equipment and unique strategies to resolve. Our objective is to address each of these main concerns as efficiently as possible to minimize the impact of scheduled events at the venue.

What Threats Exist in Your Venue After a Fire?

  • SootPartial combustion creates carcinogens that can be harmful to those exposed and leave thick residues on surfaces and contents. Several cleaning practices can help remove these residues, including chemical solvents and detergents. 
  • Debris – Piles of partially combusted remnants, ash, and other solids can become hazardous debris left throughout the venue. Shoveling out the piles and vacuuming up what is left prevents higher concentrations of odor and soot and can showcase any possible structural problems. 
  • Structural Concerns – We have in-house contractors dispatched with our restoration technicians for temporary repairs and ultimate full-scale build-back when damages get identified. 
  • Odors – Lingering smoke and burning scents make it difficult to rent your facilities, so we focus on removing any of these odors with practices like thermal fogging and using hydroxyl generators. 

Our SERVPRO of Rocky Hill / Sequoyah Hills / South Knoxville is ready 24/7. Just call (865) 862-8907. We can help make fire losses, "Like it never even happened."

See more about Knoxville.